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Lahti - Alma Tenor
  The technique of Alma Tenor uses designed probe and spreads high-frequency electromagnetic waves. This kind of wave accumulates great amount of energy and swifts to the heat on your skin, and it strengthen the cell of collagen in order to reach the effect of lifting. Therefore, alma Tenor is used in cosmetic surgery rapidly without any side effect.
Whitening and decrease the spots and improving the problems of acnes.
The procedure of operation
Before treatment: Cleaning face, take photo, apply anesthetic in 30mins.
Treatment: Apply the Alma for treatment.
After the treatment: Applying face mask in 20mins, clean it by water, applying facial lotion and sun block lotion
1.It is fine to apply glycyrrhetic acid or released face mask to release the redness after the treatment, also it is also ok to make up immediately.
2.Written and oral reminder of after surgery recommendation.
There is no wound.
Before /After treatmen
1. Focus on the moisture and repair your skin, meanwhile, please do not having any sunbathe in order to protect your skin after the treatment.
2. Do not scrubbing your skin and neither applying whitening, acid- skin care product in one week after the treatment.
3. Do not taking hot spring, sauna in order to cause thermal stimulation in 72hours after the treatment.
4. Do not use any product that without doctor's permission during this treatment.
5. Due to the heat of laser and the principle of skin metabolism , if there is a small rash , subcutaneous bleeding , small acne / acne , do not worry , about 5 to 7 days will gradually improve .
1. Pregnancy or ready for pregnant.
2. Do not applying any high concentration whitening products, acid product, or applying other laser machines resurfacing injection for cosmetic surgery or other treatment before doing this C6 laser treatment.
3.Allergy for anesthetic agent and betamethasone.
4. There is an open wound, purulent inflammation , or a virus / bacterial infections, skin lesions or if your skin in allergy situation.
Before   After
The tears ditch is decreased.
Before   After
Not only lifting the shape of your face alma tenor also makes your face perfect.
Before   After
Folds disappear and welcome your confidence back