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Plastic Surgery - Korean-style rhinoplasty
  Korean-style rhinoplasty means the way of rhinoplasty that Korean surgeons get used to take. It's also called two stage rhinoplasty that take cartilage by self such as nasal septum or ear cartilage building up the head of nose and then enhancing nasal dorsum, nasal root by silicone. The operation time takes around 3hrs and the scar of the operation is rarely to see after 3 months later.
The structure of nose   Two-stage   Three-stage

Reshaped nose and improved the structure of nose such as crooked nose, hook nose and flat nose.
You can have a personalized nose and the looking is much beautiful and natural.
Recovery period
It should be fixed around a week by scotch tape, after one week, the swelling will be disappeared gradually depends personal situation. Normally it takes about three months to recovery.
1.It is a normal situation that there are some bruises around nose and you can adopt ice patch to release the swelling and after three days later, using warm patch can help release the bruises and swellings. 
2.Do not rub nose, vigorous exercise and hog-nosed.
3.Do not smoke, drink and neither eat spicy food, nor seafood that triggers the allergy reaction.