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Beauty Treatment - Skin roller
The depth of DermaFrac would be selected carefully in order to make sure that the path of DermaFrac is set between epidermis and dermis. It is also the place that fibroblast and collagen are produced in. meanwhile, it is highlighted that there is no pain and hemorrhage.
There is different with traditional skin roller, while DermaFrac rolls through your skin and create the path on your skin, DermaFrac can also inject essence into your skin via vacuum.
Skin problem that DermaFrac focuses on
DermaFrac is a high efficient and safe way for all type of skin. It is also an outstanding improvement for problems of acnes, scars, wrinkles, pigmentum and so on. The essence for this treatment will be chosen by the conditions of your skin.

There are four types of essence as below
50% Anti-age essence   Whitening essence
Lactate and salicylic acid can control the growth of acnes
Moisturizing essence   Anti-acnes essence
HA(hyaluronic acid) triggers smashing hydration and the unique technique HylaSpong can lock moisturizing factor in the depth of skin.
kojic acid makes your skin much bright.
Skin roller of three Steps

Step 1. Step1: the process of Skin resurfacing and peels

The probe can remove the horny, oil and bacterium in skin by vacuum gravity.Meanwhile, vacuum gravity pushes drmis expansion in order to clean every pore of skin. It is painless and lowirritant.
There is proven that microdermabrasion improve wrinkle, acnes, scars, spots by sunlight.
Step 2. DermaFrac treatment
the essence will be injected into your skin via micro path, and it helps growth of collagen:
anti-aging - are 5 peptides for anti-aging
Moisturizing - HA
Brighten - kojic acid
Anti-acnes - lactic acid and Salicylic
Step 3. SPASpa with UV light treatment
Recovery the swelling and redness after the treatment.
Yellow light:recovery wound
Adjust the cell activity and stimulate growth of collagen.
Red light:Recovery the swelling and redness
The deepest penetration, strengthen capillaries and courage blood circulation.
Blue light:Anti-acnes and redness release
Blue light is very suitable for curing acnes.
Skin care after the treatment
DermaFrac provides a refresh, vibrant and healthier skin and now, your skin is much easier to absorb nutrition products and mild treatment. On the other hand, it is also easy to be stimulated and harmed. In the beginning 48 hours, it is essential to mild and moisturized products and it is probably that there are not suitable to be used during this period as below, please do avoid using artificial color, artificial perfume, Specially Denatured Alcohol, Lanolin, propylene glycol, albolene and Octyl Methoxycinnamate and other chemical sunscreen.
in the first 72 hours
There is a list of herapeutic products and ingredients should be avoided after the treatment unless you get some advises from your doctors and cosmetologists; Retinoids hydroquinone quinol
Daily care
Reminder: clean, and protect your skin .
The first day to third day
Day care: please to do use mild and non-tartaric acid facial wash cleaning your face meanwhile, taping on your skin until your skin is dry.
Reminder: it is essential to apply antioxidant essence, facial and eye cream as well as to do the sunscreen carefully.
Night care: please to do use mild and non-tartaric acid facial wash cleaning your face meanwhile, taping on your skin until your skin is dry.
Reminder: it is essential to apply riche essence facial and eye cream
The forth day to seventh day
Day care: please to do use mild facial wash cleaning your face meanwhile, taping on your skin until your skin is dry.
It is necessary to apply antioxidant essence, moisturizer, eye cream and the SPF 30of sun-screen.
Nighttime: Please apply the mild facial cream cleaning your face and then gently pat on your face until your skin is dry.
Reminder: riche essences, moisturizer and eye cream. Please applying the product of Vitamins A, in order to recover the normal condition of your skin.
The reminder of first treatment
If you would like to accept the series of DermaFrac treatment, it is highly recommend that stop applying Antioxidants or AHA products three days before your treatment. Meanwhile, it is also prevention that do not inject any injections such as Collagen and Botulinum Toxin 7-10 days before your treatment.
Before   After   Before   After
Improve sunburn, scars.   Desalination fine lines.