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Plastic Surgery - Gel Mammoplasty
  The feature of cohesive silicone implants is it presents semisolid and high- cohesive material and makes your breasts sagging in a natural way. Meanwhile, the tactile impression is quite similar with the human tissue. There are three incisions of the body can be chosen for gel mammoplasty where are armpit, periareolars and inframammary in the infra-mammary fold.
Incisions of gel mammoplasty

The procedure of gel mammoplasty
Before the surgery.   Under the mammary gland.     Under the myofascial   Under the ectopectoralisUnder the ectopectoralis

Mammoplasty,breast reconstruction

The high- cohesive silicone implant is a safe material and it will slightly influence for the breast shape once this implant is broken. The broken silicone implant would not flow out from the crack.
The sutures would be taken off with 5-10 days and swelling would be subsided around 2 weeks. Meanwhile, it is important to massage the affected area around 3.5 months to 6 months based on differences of individual physique.
1.The tactile impression would be much obvious due to two conditions. Firstly, if human tissue or skin is not good enough to cover the silicone implants. The other condition is the treatment adopt the way that implanting into the mammary gland.
2.The sustaining swelling would be happened for months after the surgery.
3.Wearing the specific bra, flexible bondage or sporty underwear in order to strengthening the support of breasts during healing period. 
4.Some sequelas could be happened such as hematoma, infection, unbalanced breasts or extrusion.
Before   After
Not only improve the problem of dysplasia but also the apparent accessory breasts can also be dispelled.
Before   After
The shape of breasts become rounded and full.