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Plastic Surgery - Removing under-eye puffiness
 People who have under-eye puffiness look like lacking sleep, and elder than their actual age. These reasons trigger this situation that are and aging triggers connective tissue are loosen. Therefore, it could be improved by surgery.
Take fat off properly meanwhile, to make the winkle of eye puffiness smoothly.
There are two surgeries that can take eye puffiness off, that are inside and outside eye puffiness removal.
Project   Inside   Outside


1. Cut at conjunctiva in eye.
  2. Take the fat of eye puffiness off.
1. Have a cut at lower lashes.  

2. take the fat of eye puffiness off at the same time, to fix the loosen skin.

Who is suitable to take this?   People age much younger and the fat of eye puffiness is much less.   People who are much older and fat of eye puffiness is quite more than others.
Advantage.   Very fast to recovery and without any scar, and its seldom belong with side effect and sequela.   It can get two effects at the same time which are release wrinkles and tight your skin.
Recovery period .   1. The swelling will be disappeared within 1week after the surgery.
2. And normally,it looks natural after one months later          
  1. Stitches can be removed within 5-7 days after the surgery and swelling will be disappeared around one week.
2. Scars will be much whiting around 2-6 months depend personal situation.

1. Do not make up and apply any skin care product. Also do not use contact lenses.
2. If you would like to apply the medicine on your eyelids, please use Physiological saline washing your ward before you apply.
3. It shoule be avoid to bow and bending down, as well as do not carry heavy stuffs and do not do intense exercise neither.
4. It is necessary to ice patch your ward within three days after the surgery. And each ice patch should take 15-20mins(depends personal situation). After three days, it should be changed as hot patched.
5. Do not smoking , alcohol, over loaded water, spicy food and seafood before the swelling is disappeared.
Before   After
After erase under-eye puffiness, you will look much younger and energy.