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  No matter what kinds of pigments, spots or darkness, BB laser can easily remove these problems and whitening your skin immediately. Maeanwhile,BB laser is a comprehensive treatment which is suitable for each type of skin.
Remove spots, whiting, narrow pores and solve the acne problem.
The procedure of operation
Before treatment: Cleaning face, take photo, apply anesthetic in 20mins
Treatmant: Applying the treatment by BB laser
After treatment: Applying face mask in 20mins, clean it by water, applying facial lotion and sun block lotion
1.Please apply the betamethasone from our hospital 。
2.It is necessary to apply the ice patch while you feel swelling and warm
3.There is a reminder of the treatment we will give for.
Laser for cleaning your skin takes around 1-3 days to recover, and spot removing will take 5-7days to recover.
Before / After treatment
1.Focus on the moisture and repair your skin, meanwhile, please do not having any sunbathe in order to protect your skin after the treatment.
2.Do not scrubbing your skin and neither applying whitening, acid- skin care product in one week after the treatment.
3.Do not taking hot spring, sauna in order to cause thermal stimulation in one week after the treatment.
4.Do not use any product that without doctor's permission during this treatment.
5.Do not having a heavy makeup if you would like to do the spot removal.
6.If the wound is crusting and it will be a slightly itching sensation which is normal situation due to newborn skin. Therefore, please do not pull the catch to avoid stripping force, until the skin healed scab will be fallen off naturally , the skin was slightly pink , please strengthen the sunscreen in order to triad.
1.Pregnancy or ready to pregnant .
2.Do not applying any high concentration whitening products, acid product, or applying other laser machines resurfacing injection for cosmetic surgery or other treatment before doing this C6 laser treatment.
3.Allergy for anesthetic agent and betamethasone.
4.There is an open wound, purulent inflammation , or a virus / bacterial infections, skin lesions or if your skin in allergy situation.
5. Please let your doctor know if your have photaesthesia or you are taking 13-cis-retinoic acid as a medical treatment.
Before   After   Before   After
Whitening your skin and looks fantastic.   There is the perfect skin condition without any makeup.
Before   After        
Annoying pores and acnes are disappeared.