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Plastic Surgery - Chimera mentoplasty
  If you would like to improve your chin and makes it perfect, implants for chimera mentoplasty can obtain the best effect ever immediately. This implant was made by silica gel, but now the latest material is chimera which is made by silica gel for the main structure meanwhile,there is ePTFE covers the whole structure. Therefore, it combines both advantages of materials. After the surgery, it is necessary to do local anesthesia based on self-shape of face. The wound of the surgery is in the inner of lower lip, so it is hard to see the scar. The surgery takes 40-60 minutes.

It can extend the shape of the jaw and makes your face much slender.
There is a tiny wound and can be recovered very soon, meanwhile the scar is hid behind hairline, so it is really hard to see the scar. At the same time, the retainer is seldom excluded by self system and this retainer can be absorbed.
Recovery period
The stitches can be removed around one to two weeks after the surgery, also it is necessary to apply ice patch within three days after the surgery. After applying the ice patch, it should be changed as warm patch in order to decrease swelling.
Please enhancing your head while you are in sleep within one week after the surgery.
Before   After
After the chimera mentoplasty, your face look much stylish.