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Micro Plastic - SUBQ

  SUBQ in your skin decreases gradually due to your age, therefore it causes loosen skin, wrinkles and depressions. SUBQ injection injects the filler into the depressed area, and makes this area much richer. Treatments is based on the injected area and the amount of injection. Normally it takes about 30mins. The injected area will be applied the anesthetic. While injecting SUBQ, it comes with slightly hurt and swelling. Based on personal condition, you can take this treatment with Botox in order to clear up the wrinkles, and looks much younger.

To remove the folds and wrinkles, meanwhile, it can also lift the shape of your face, rich your chin and cheek, refill depressions of your face.
The effect of treatment is natural and without any scar, and the effect can be seem immediately.
If there are some redness swellings based on personal condition, it will be disappeared around one week.
Before/After treatment
1.If you are in these situations as below, you won't allow taking this treatment; pregnancy, lactating woman, the person who takes muscle relaxant.
2.If there are some wounds, herpes or eczema, it should be better to take this treatment after this situation is solved.
3.It will increasing the risk of stasis and bleeding in the injection area while taking aspirin or some similar medicine like that.
4.Do not make up and use any cosmetics in the day of injection.
5.Please apply the wet patch in 48hours after the infection, do not press the injected area and do the moisture work in order to get better result.
6.It should be avoided that taking hot spring, sun bathing, swimming and the place where extremely warm or cold before redness in the injected area is disappeared.
7.The period of effect maintains 6months to one year, it should be better if you take the treatment regularly.
Before   After   Before   After
It backs to 18 years old only.   Your eyes look more brimming energy.
Before   After   Before   After
SUBQ just like an eraser, it can remove the tired eyes easily.   Hot lips.
Before   After   Before   After
The depressed face looks much smooth and richer.   Inject some SUBQ in your root of nose, and it makes contour of your face much clear.
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It is also suitable for having a chin.