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Beauty Treatment - Platelet Rich Plasma injections
  Due to platelet can produce plenty of growth factors what skin need, and these growth factors are not only repairing wounds efficiently but also releasing scars after surgery and trauma. This method was only used on the surgery. Nowadays, this method is also used on aesthetic medicine especially on skin because of the autologous cell regeneration. 
Peeling, looks younger, meanwhile to improve the fine lines, dermatolysis, pores, acne scar and dull skin. Moreover, it makes your skin much whiter and soft.
This treatment is safe without any side effect, and it tightens up skin, looks perfect!
The feature of Platelets Rich Plasma
1. Extracting from patient's blood therefore, that won't be a problem of exclusion.
2. The concentration of platelet is twice to six times as higher as original blood during the procedure of extraction.
3. It contains different types of growth factors and they can repair wounds, encourage the combinations of DNA or collagen
4. It also contains fibrin, fibronectin,and vitronectin and those can not only enriching cartilage but also increasing flexibility of the skin.
PRP skin roller is sweeping in Japan and Korea

Step 1.

applying anaesthetic gel on the area
Step 2.
Drawing 8c.c. blood for centrifuging growth factors.
Step 3.
Extracting fully platelet of plasma by purified and centrifuged.

Step 4.

In order to stimulating the growth of collagen and fibroblasts, plasma with skin roller can also release growth factors.
Step 5.
These left growth factors are applied on the area, helping the growth factors absorbed and recovered by skin.
Step 6.
After the treatment, the moisturizing gel will be applied on the skin with the chilly mask in order to recovering your skin to the best condition.

 The main functions of skin care product is preventing the damage on skin, there is less product can repair the damaged skin. Therefore, the best way to recover the damaged skin is enhancing the self ability of recovering. The absorption of importing essence into skin by skin roller is 1000 times as higher as the absorption applying essence on skin. Nowadays, the most popular micro surgery of aesthetic medicine in Japan and Korea is PRP with skin roller due to it encourages dermis much thicker moreover; it increases the rate of cycle metabolism and makes your skin much healthier. This treatment solves multiple problems of skins and suits for all types of skins; therefore, it is a popular treatment in Japan and Korea.
There will be slightly redness and swellings after this treatment; however, it will go back to normal with 1-2days; likewise, there are less people will bruising, and it will be subsided around 7days
1. This treatment won't be suitable for following situations;
 keloid,
 diabetes
 serious atopic dermatitis
 inflammatory skin
2. It won't be allow to exfoliating and exposure sunshine overtime three days before the treatment.
3. It is necessary to apply sunscreen and moisturizing skin care products at ;east three days after treatment.
4. It is recommended that using hypoallergenic facial cleaning for postoperation area in one week after treatment. Please do not use brush or scrub product nor go hot spring or spa.
5.The frequency of treatment will base on individual physique condition; normally the situation would be improved in 6-8 weeks.
6. The effect of treatment will slightly difference because of individual physique condition.
7. The number of platelet will be influenced by different people, at the same time, it also impact the level of growth factors and then impact the effect of treatment.
8. The better blood sample is fetched by healthy body, therefore it is the last treatment for people who have these conditions as below:
 Disease of skin
 Cancer
 Liver complaint
 Blood obstacle
With multiple treatments
  This is a trend that taking composite treatments in the meantime. It is difference from the single treatment in the past. For example, the most important thing of self-fat transfer breast augmentation is make these fat cells survive in the area where injected in.
Before   After
It makes your skin perfect.