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Laser Center - CO2 fractional resurfacing
  Customized treatment with CO2 fractional resurfacing can modify situations with different skin types such as pore, acnes, scar and so on. Due to there is a perfect penetration of heat, CO2 fractional resurfacing is also good on the effect of growing collagen moreover, it makes your skin much smooth and soft. Therefore, CO2 fractional resurfacing is the best way solving these kinds of problems.。
Improving the rough skin and removing spots of skin.
The procedure of treatment
Before treatment: Cleaning face, take photo, apply anesthetic in 30mins
Treatmant: Applying the treatment by CO2 fractional resurfacing
After the treatment: Applying ice patch and then codemycin.
1.Please apply the betamethasone from our hospital.
2.Please be noticed about the sterile environment in the treated area.
3.Written and oral reminder of after surgery recommendation .
It becomes a scab one to two days after the treatment and after two days later, the scab will be fallen naturally.
Before / After treatment
1.Ready for pregnant or in the pregnancy.
2.Do not applying any high concentration whitening products, acid product, or applying other laser machines resurfacing injection for cosmetic surgery or other treatment before doing this C6 laser treatment.
3.Allergy for anesthetic agent and betamethasone
4.There is an open wound, purulent inflammation , or a virus / bacterial infections, skin lesions or if your skin in allergy situation.
5.Please let your doctor know if your have photaesthesia or you are taking 13-cis-retinoic acid as a medical treatment.
Before   After
Pores decrease obviously.
Before   After
Improve the situation of keratosis pilaris
Before   After
To remove the clear scar