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Plastic Surgery - Chimera rhinoplasty
  The latest chimera rhinoplasty and the nose module uses the 3D structural design,at the same time, this inner material is made by silicone. There is also a covered by ePTFE, therefore, not only take advantage form the hardness of silicone, but also feel soft and comfortable due to the feature of ePTFE. this surgery takes about 3hours and this material is suitable for people who have an allergy with silicone module.
The structure of nose   The I nose module   The L module

Reshaped nose and improved the structure of nose such as crooked nose, hook nose and flat nose.
The material is very similar with cartilage and after the surgery, the shape of nose is natural and hard to move and difficult to exclude.
It should be fixed around a week by scotch tape, after one week, the swelling will be disappeared gradually depends personal situation. Normally it takes about three months to recovery.
1.It is a normal situation that there are some bruises around nose and you can adopt ice patch to release the swelling and after three days later, using warm patch can help release the bruises and swellings. 
2.Do not rub nose, vigorous exercise and hog-nosed.
3.Do not smoke, drink and neither eat spicy food, nor seafood that triggers the allergy reaction.
Before   After
What I want is this natural nose.