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Slimming - Body-fit keeper
  Body-fit keeper uses ultrasound to dissolve fat cells that can also tight your skin via RF machine. At the same time, through suction and lymphatic drainage, it can increase the efficiency of metabolism. There is no need to inject anesthesia, all you need to apply is glycerin cream. There are some people can hear the sound wave in the progress without any pain. However, if there is some serious cellulite that would be lightly hurt.

Improving fat, cellulite, shaping your body and tight skin.

Details of content

 Item  Description
 lymphatic drainage  Increase the efficiency of lymphatic drainage.
 EMS  Reshape the areas of body.
 Body-fit keeper  To break down fat cell.
 RF wav  lymphatic drainage by heat and tight your skin.
 There is not redness after treatment, you will feel much tight of the injected area.
Hard fat: cover the electronic blanket for10 minutes, RF to soft your muscle, body-fit keeper for 20minutes .

Before treatmen::
1.Pregnancy or ready to pregnant.
2.It is not allow to liposuction of the area that would like to take the body-fit keeper.
After treatmen:
1.he effect will be seen for a period after taking this treatment.
2.It is fine to take this treatment with liposuction.
3.It recommends that eating by schedule in order to inhibit fat.
Before   After
The fatty belly becomes skinny.
Before   After
Fat is disappeared
Before   After
You can reshape the shape of your leg.