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Plastic Surgery - Masic lift
  Masic life micro-surgery by endotine is a way that suitable for the whole face and actually face can be separated in different areas such as forehead middle of face and mandible. This masic-lift micro-surgery uses endotine in order to lift these specific areas like eyebrows, eyelids, canthus, wrinkles and so on, meanwhile, put retainer into ideal position in order to fix that. In order to fix multi-points therefore, it is easy to average the pulling, at the same time, it makes efficient effect.


The procedure of Endoscopic Midface Lift   Multi-point lift
1.In order to place the retainer, the tiny wound should be cut in the proper position.   2. While adjust to the proper position, and the lift up to fix it.  

To fix the loosen skin, rebuild your shape and the effect of improving aging is natural.
The wound is small and recovery very soon, meanwhile, the scar is hidden in the hair line, it is hard to find it. On the other hand, the retainer seldom to be excluded by human being, it can be absorbed naturally.
To apply to ice patch within three days after the surgery and three days later, please apply the warm patch in order to recover the swelling. Stitches can be taken out around one to two weeks after the surgery and the swelling can be recovered around 2-3weeks.
1.It is recommended that enhance your head while you sleep.
2.The effect maintain 8-10years
Before   After