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Laser Center - IPL rejuvenation
  Not only to reach the effect of hair-removed, IPL can also improve dermatoglyphics, and makes your skin much whiter and firmer. This treatment is noninvasive surgery; therefore, it would cause less pain and efficient effect of hair removal. Moreover, IPL makes hair removal much easier.
To postpone the rate of follicle rate, it doesn't matter hair are on different areas of your body(e.g. legs, hands and armpit), it can easy to be removed.
Before Treatment:
Clean the area that you would like to have a treatment,take photos,remove left hair, applying anaesthetic gel on the area.
Applying the intense pulsed light hair removal
After treatment:
Removing anaesthetic gel,applying facial mask for 10 mins,applting moisturizing lotion
1. Supply the betamethasone by hospital .( Medicine: betamethasone)
2. Written and oral reminder of after surgery recommendation
No convalescence and no wound
Before surgery & After surgery
1.If you would like to accept the treatment of IPL hair removal, please do not remove your hair by pulling during the treatment. If there is some redness or swellings around postoperative pores, it could be released by ice patch. It's highlighted that do not use too rich skin-care product in order to avoiding thermal stimulations.
2.Please note that it is necessary to apply sunscreen which is SPF30 and PA++ products to your skin with accessories to block sunshine, such as hat, sun umbrella, long-sleeves shirt and pants.
3.After two weeks from treatment, it should be avoided that using whiting products and skin care products that contain acid, moreover, it is also not suitable to take some irritating treatments like exfoliating and chemical peeling.
4.It is a temporary reaction that there are some scabs around the postoperative area, please do not scratching them and to make them coming off naturally. Normally these scabs on face would be came off around 5-7 days and others would take around 7-10 days.
5.The definition of permanent hair removal: this treatment should be taken at least 4 times and the rate of removed hair should reach 80% and above for 18 months to 24 months.
1.If you have infected situation that is caused by irritation medicine, acid skin-care product or used to accept chemical hair removal and bleached hair, it is not recommended that to take IPL treatment.
2.It is not allow to take this treatment if you have serious allergic of skin or some ulcers on the area that you would like to take the treatment.
3.Please do not too much exposure to the sun or SPA in one week before the treatment.
4.There is a limitation effect of light colour hair.
5.Please remove all of hair on the area that you would like to take the treatment (length should less than 0.1cm), however, please take them off gently
6.If you are pregnant, taking some medicine ,photosensitization or other history of disease, please seek our professional doctor's advice.
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