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Micro Plastic - Botox
  Frown and laughing can shrink muscles of your face and it can produce wrinkles gradually. Therefore, botox is a good way to stop the path between the end of nerves and muscles by injecting. Basically it won't be hurt while injecting botox, therefore it is not necessary to take anesthesia. If you are really fear about pin, it is also fine to apply the ice patch or anesthetic before the treatment. The period of treatment is short, takes around 10 mins and it takes one to several times as a section depend on personal situation. For example, if you would like to erase the well-developed masticatory muscles, it shoule be better to accept at least 2 times of botox injecting. While you would like to remove fold, botox injecting with SUBQ can remove folds completely and make you look younger. If you would like to move light folds, injecting botox with CPT will be a good choice.

To erase folds, wrinkles, lifting, reshape face and slim calf muscle.
The impact of injecting botox can be seem around 3days and the obvious effect shows after a week. If you would like to improve the masticatory muscles, the impact will be seem around one month after the treatment.
Depend on personal situation, the phenomenon of lightly swelling, headache is temporary.
1.If you are in these situations as below, you won't allow taking this treatment; pregnancy, lactating woman, the person who takes muscle relaxant.
2.It will increasing the risk of stasis and bleeding in the injection area while taking aspirin or some similar medicine like that.
3.It is necessary to keep the standing pose for 4hours after the injecting. Please do not lying and massage your face within a week.
4.The effect maintains 3-6months, and if you would like to keep the result, it is a good way to keep injecting regularly.
Before   After
Folds disappear and am I look much younger?
Before   After
Byebye chubby face.