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Plastic Surgery - Blepharoplasty (Sewing)
 Sewing of eyelid surgery is suitable for people who have big eyes, loose upper eyelid, seldom flip eyelid, and youth. Normally, there are much lighter eyelids after the surgery.
1. Before surgery   2. To position
3. Then burying suture   4. Surgery done

It makes your eyes much shine and looks energy, meanwhile, it can also improve the condition of sagging eyelids and sagging canthus.
Shorter operative time and this operation leads to tiny scar even nearly without any scar. The result of operation is natural and the recovery time is also shorter than other operations.
It doesn't need to take the line off, and the swelling will be disappeared and back to normal. And depends on personal situation, the period of recovery is around 1-2 months
1.Do not use eyelids tape in consulting or few days before the surgery so as not to influence the doctor's judgment.
2.Do not overtme at the night before the surgery.
3.Do not make up and apply any skin care product. Also do not use contact lenses. It is recommend that smart wear. After the surgery, the eye visions will not be influenced, therefore you can drive or ride without any inconvenience.
4.Two months after the surgery, please do not rub your eyes, and two weeks after the surgery and you can start using contact lenses, eyeliners and eyeshades.
5.If you would like to apply the medicine on your eyelids, please use Physiological saline washing your ward before you apply.
6.It is necessary to ice patch your ward within three days after the surgery. And each ice patch should take 15-20mins(depends personal situation). After three days, it should be changed as hot patched.
7.Do not smoking , alcohol, over loaded water, spicy food and seafood before the swelling is disappeared.
Before   After
Just look like you're in good spirits and eyes are bigger than before.