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Lahti - 4D Ultra V Lifting
  4D Ultra V Lifting is a treatment that was developed by Korean surgeon and it uses hundreds of micro needles prick into dermis in order to separating between loosen skin and subcutaneous by mechanical tool. Meanwhile, this mechanical tool is quite similar with traditional lifting surgery that putting PDO line under your skin and fix the loosen texture. After 6-8 months later, the PDO line can be absorbed by human being and the loosen texture is already fixed in the right position, and then 4D Ultra V Lifting can help your situations keeping in the best way.
Five key advantages
 Low risk and low infection.
 There is no wound by this surgery.
 Acceptable multi-treatment.
 No scar, no wound even hard to feel the hurt.
 The effect can be seen immediately.
4D Ultra V Lifting is already used in spread area in Korea such as wrinkles, laugh lines, worry lines and so on.
Feature of the treatment
4D Ultra V Lifting can be used with other treatments at the same time in order to strengthen the impact. There are some treatments that can be synced with, hyaluronic acid injection, botox injection:
Hyaluronic acid injection   Botox injection   CO2 fractional resurfacing   CPThermage
Supplementing hyaluronic acid helps your face looks perfect.
Improving folds.
To improve pores, wrinkles depressed and other problems.
Much tight and looks younger gradually.
To fix the loosen skin, rebuild your shape and the effect of improving aging is natural.
Lifting folds and wrinkles in order to looks younger.
Before/After treatment
1.If you are in these situations as below, you won't allow taking this treatment; pregnancy, lactating woman, the person who takes muscle relaxant.
2.If there are some wounds, herpes or eczema, it should be better to take this treatment after this situation is solved.
3.Do not make up and use any cosmetics in the day of injection.
4.Do not make up and use any cosmetics in the day of injection.
5.It should be avoided that taking hot spring, sun bathing, swimming and the place where extremely warm or cold before redness in the injected area is disappeared.
Before   After
Your face look younger without any surgery.