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Micro Plastic - Radiesse
  Radiesse is synthesis of biological soft ceramics that quite similar with liquid nasal and it can fit with periost without any rejection phenomenon. Therefore, while injecting radiesse can build the root of nose, the height of nose and stimulate growing collagen. After 6 months later, radiesse will be broken down as tiny particles and be absorbed by human beings. Due to it is hard to stuck in artery, it seldom make bruising. Therefore the percentage of skin necrosis complications is very low. At the same time, it should be applied anesthetic and the injecting the radiesse. It also come with pain and takes around 10 to 20 mins.

enrich the height of nose and chin
There is an instant effect and it can be presence around 1.5 to 2years depends on personal metabolic status.
It will be redness and swelling around 2-4hours after treatment depends on personal situation.
1.If you are in these situations as below, you won't allow taking this treatment; pregnancy, serious allergy of radiesse, in the keloid constitution and done the nose surgery before.
2.Do not wear the glasses for one week after the treatment in order to impacting the shape of nose.
3.It would be slightly redness while taking the injection. And if you inject in lips or earlobes, that would be easily bits.
4.This effect can maintain until 6months and it is necessary to keep injecting for the longer impact.
Before   After
Radiesse can reshape the root of nose.
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Radiesse can also decrease folds.
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While refilling the eye bags, you look much energy.
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it is also fine to inject in chin.