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Lahti - Radio Frequency
  Radio Frequency lifting which has multiple probes can be used on face and body meanwhile; it can improve wrinkles and folds on your face in order to growing collagen and lymph metabolism. If you would like to use on your body, it can release your nerves of body, tight your skin and lymph metabolism.
In order to improve the wrinkle problem of your face, release your body and lymph metabolism.
The procedure of operation
Face: Cleaning, RF lymph metabolism, apply the moisturizing, massage by hands, tighten your skin by Radio Frequency, apply the face mask, apply lotion and sun block lotion.
Body: Cover the electronic blanket to eliminate edema, massage by hands, RF lymph metabolism and then using the body-fit keeper.
No wound and do not need to recovery.
Before/After treatment
1.Focus on the moisture and repair your skin, meanwhile, please do not having any sunbathe in order to protect your skin after the treatment.
2.Do not scrubbing your skin and neither applying whitening, acid- skin care product in one week after the treatment.
1.Pregnancy or ready to pregnant .
2Do not applying any high concentration whitening products, acid product, or applying other laser machines resurfacing injection for cosmetic surgery or other treatment before doing this C6 laser treatment.
3.There is an open wound, purulent inflammation , or a virus / bacterial infections, skin lesions or if your skin in allergy situation.
Before   After
Improving your loosen face and makes your chin tight.