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Plastic Surgery - Blepharoplasty (Cutting)
 Plastic Surgery - East Asian blepharoplasty (double eyelid surgery) 'incision method'- is recommended for individuals who have such problems- puffy eyes, floppy eyelid, narrow space of palpebral fissure, having excess subcutaneous fat under eyes.
1. Before   2. Make an incision on the upper eyelid and remove excess fat of the area.   3. Seal blood vessels by using electrocauterization method.   4. Surgery completed.


Eyes become bigger and sparkling. Looked younger by improving eyelid laxity and floppy eyelid syndrome because of aging.
Removes excess eyelid, fat, and tissue; modifying eyelid, larger the space between eyelids, the results are usually significant and long-lasting.
Taking out stitches 5 to 7 days after surgery. It takes one to two weeks for swelling to go down. Depends on the individual, it takes two to a year to recover completely.
1.Stop wearing eyelid doubling make-up days before consulting with surgeons and before surgery.
2.Stop taking Warfarin (Coumadin) or health supplements that might reduce the formation of blood clots two weeks before surgery.
3.Have proper amount of sleep the night before surgery, lack of sleep caused puffy eyes might severe bleeding and swelling.
4.Do not wear make up, contact lenses, and use cosmetics. Causal outfit is appropriate. Applying ice pack on eyes right after surgery will reduce swelling.
5.Before applying medicine, wounds should be cleaned using saline solution.
6.Applying ice pack on eyes hourly, fifteen to twenty minutes each time, for the first three days after surgery, then start to apply hot pack.
7.It is suggested to wear contact lenses and make up three weeks after surgery.
8.Before swelling goes down completely, smoking, consuming alcohol, consuming too much water, and eating spicy food and seafood that might cause allergy as well as engaging in strenuous exercise are forbidden. Head must remind above heart to avoid damages to the wounds.
Before   After
Looked gleaming without make up.
Before   After
Get rid off the stiff look, and looked extreme charming instead.