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Plastic Surgery - SVF Self fat Mammoplasty
  Self fat Mammoplasty means to extract existing fat from different areas of body and transplant into breast of patient in order to achieve the result of breast augmentation, breast lift, and mastopexy. Taipei Show Chwan adopts the latest technique and devices which is called SVF, it can divide both growth factor and fat completely. Due to this method, the survival rate of fat is more than 50%.
Breast Augmentation, balancing two sides of breasts, filling the postpartum breast and breast lift. This technique can also be used on cheek and chin augmentation, temples augmentation, filling smile folds and tear ditches.

What's difference between SVF and other breast augmentation techniques?
  SVF Self fat Mammoplasty Normal Self fat Mammoplasty Gel Mammoplasty
Filler Purified growth factor and self fat Self fat Gel Mammoplasty
Contact/sence of touch Very natural Very natural Cohesive gel
Wound Very tiny(0.3~0.5mm) Very tiny(0.3~0.5mm) Natural
Timeliness /Survival rate Survival rate of fat is more than 50%. Survival rate of fat is around 30% large(40mm~60mm)
Post surgery massage No need         No need Need to be replaced in 10-15 years
Recovery 5-7 days 5-7 days Need it and pain

Who is suitable for SVF self fat Mammoplasty?
Breasts different sizes   Abnormal breast growth



  After   Before   After
Matured Breast Augmentation   Postpartum breast
Before   After   Before   After


Step 1.The evaluation before the surgery

Doctor evaluates the content of fat and normally, the fat from thigh and breech are extracted due to there are abundant fat ball meanwhile, there are high rate of fat survival if we use these fat to do transplantation.
Step 2. Extract the fat from designation area.
Before the surgery, the surgeon would mark on the skin where fat is extracted from in order to making the surgery goes smooth. The fat cannot be used in this stage.
Step 3. Purification procedure of fat
The exacted fat will be put into the special-purpose bag in order to taking rid of blood, water and other by isolation techniques. Meanwhile, this technique can also help us to depart growth factors from both blood and fat.

Step 4. Inject growth factor into purified fat

To inject growth factor into purified fat in order to increasing the rate of fat survival as well as decreasing the rate of self fat absorbed after transplantation surgery.
Step 5. To inject self fat into breasts
To inject the self fat with growth factors in to breasts and normally, there are 200-300ml self fat will be transplanted and it depends on individual's situation. As the result of this surgery, the bra cup size can be increased 1-2 cup size.